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Personal Information

Title Dr.     Mr.     Ms.     Prof.     Other.  
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Category Early Bird Registration Fee
(By Dec 05, 2017)
Registration Fee
(From Dec 05, 2017)
Invited Speaker Free
Full-Registrant USD 200, MYR 900 USD 250, MYR 1000
Student (Full-Time) USD 100, MYR 450 USD 125, MYR 500
USD 200, MYR 900 (per person) USD 250, MYR 1000 (per person)
Accompanying Person (Spouse or Family)
USD 50, MYR 225 (per person) USD 60, MYR 255 (per person)
Jan, 10
Participant USD 20, MYR 90 (per person) person(s)
Accompanying Person USD 20, MYR 90 (per person) person(s)
Sub-Total   0 person(s)
Vegetarian Please select if you require vegetarian food.
Yes    No
Complimentary City Tour
Jam, 12
Free person(s)
Sub Total USD 0, MYR 0

Registration for students requires you to send a copy of student card or an official letter from your universityconfirming that you are a full time student, via e-mail: durabi2018@gmail.com

Payment Method

Payment USD 0, MYR 0 (Only bank transfer)
Select Credit Card    Bank Transfer

Cancellation & Refund Policy

  Any cancellation of registration should be notified in writing to the secretariat by email at durabi2018@gmail.com
   All refunds will be processed after the conference. Please refer to the following deadlines for cancellation.

Request Received Refund Amount
By Dec 05, 2017 70% refund of received amount
From Dec 05, 2017 No Refund